SHINU is a dystopian saga about a disruptive reality in wich a technology called SHINU can measure the human life expectancy. This technology will eventually lead to a society structured by efficiency and longevity: who will live long is of interest; who dies quickly is useless.

SHINU is about the struggle between reason and heart: a cold, efficient rational versus human compassion. To fully deliver on this battle of intuition the world of SHINU is created to be as complete and logic as possible. Hence the SHINULEAKS-platform which crosses the gap between the reality of today and the stories of tomorrow. 

This saga is an original idea of TrialCollective and consists of SHINULEAKS and the SHINU-saga. The former is the theoretical base for the creation of the SHINU world where the saga tells more the (personal) story. The first book of the saga, entitled SHINU, Lives lost of Time, has been released in Belgium and The Netherlands.