ENG summary

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The life expectancy of Ish and the rest of the world has crashed due to pollution, ecological disasters and the chemicals in our food. Society has been re-organized to the efficiency of SHINU: those who have a long life are of interest; those with a short life are worthless. 

Ish is sixteen and like his peers he’s bound for the city to fulfil his job in new world order. He knows how the system operates, the others don’t. They don’t know that in the city hell awaits them. 

Ish wants to escape, de-regulate the system. But what are the chances of just one boy against a system tuned to perfection? The city is where his battle begins. A fight with Management, a search for confidants and a race for time, against his own death sentence; his SHINU. 


And so the SHINU saga starts; hard, unapologetic and on a deadline.

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